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Sleep Cool and refreshed in your new Leisure Mattress

The ability to have the quiet showroom all to yourself to be able to find the right mattress for you without any obligation or pressure to buy.  You are the expert on what feels right and should never be told what you should buy!

It's RV Season.  Let us build you a better mattress for your weekends!



Deluxe Bedding Sets from YOUR local Mattress Factory - MADE IN IDAHO - NEED SLEEP?

3 Generations - Made in the USA

Sleeping Sets

Find the right mattress design for your particular needs from LEISURE MATTRESS FACTORY. We design all of our mattresses to achieve different needs for different people.


Innerspring — Memory Foam —  Latex —  Hybrid
Non-Motion Wrapped Coil




Sleep Sets

Adjustable Beds

Enjoy the comfort of a luxurious bed with the added convenience of adjust-ability at an affordable price. "Set your Dreams in Motion."  Motion Beds currently at special pricing. 

We also offer truck and RV mattresses that are not only fully customizable but also built to last.


"Your Dreams Start Here"

Adjustable Beds

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Why pay Big Box Store Prices?
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 Stop in and see our special pricing for Summer of 2022!
We do have a mattress for YOU!

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The Crucial component on a mattress is the comfort layers. This is what is being crushed and taking the most abuse for 6 to 8 hours every night. We could layer in materials that would initially feel good and then crush down to nothing, or we could (and do) use the highest quality, highly resilient layers that actually fight to recover from the crush. And we don't overkill, adding so many layers it looks good on paper but is just asking for trouble in the real world. All mattresses will show wear over time, but there's nothing worse than being stuck with huge 2" body imprints on your 1-year-old mattress.

We Can Build Any Of Our Styles in RV Sizes


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Letter From Judy

Barbara Letter

“Great shopping experience. Thank you!

Dana D. 4/21/16, 10:57 am

“You guys are awesome! We are looking forward to working with you again.

John D. 6/1/16, 12:11 pm

“It is good to speak to people that know what I am saying and have a solution!

6/1/16, 3:24 pm

“Really enjoyed doing business with your company, the selection and knowledge.

Garry S. 6/11/16, 10:54 am

“Absolutely happy with my mattress and bed! Your business is very friendly, helpful and zeroed in on to exactly what I wanted. Thank you ever so much! Love the pillow too!

Elsie M. 8/2/16, 7:54 pm

“Very pleased with the service I received. I will definitely recommend.

Edith W. 11/17/16 3:42 PM

“We ordered a mattress 8 years ago and have been extremely pleased with our choice. The expert guidance and outstanding customer service brought us back for another purchase. We would highly recommend Leisure Industries.

Lynn S. 11/26/16 6:31 PM

“Super friendly and helpful staff, and great quality at low prices. Best mattress place in town.

Jenny F. 1/14/17, 12:51 pm

“I appreciate the way they remember a customer and continue to assist them with every purchase

Carla K. 6/17/16, 9:12 pm

“Ordered over the phone, shipped on time for the date I was quoted. Very friendly and helpful.

Lori D. 1/24/17, 11:02 am

“Great people to Work with , they are the owners!!!!

LaDonna T. 1/31/17, 4:39 pm

“Great service, Great selection. Thank you

Kevin W. 2/23/17, 3:42 pm

“Always a pleasure to do business with you.

Pam B. 2/28/17, 1:57 pm

“Top notch service and quality products!

John D. 3/17/17, 4:20 pm

“I love the fact that you are privately owned and custom make every mattress right here in Boise.

Tiffany H. 3/23/17, 7:36 am

“We got specialized service for what was needed...perfect!

Sylvia W. 3/24/17, 12:26 pm

“Great business ran by great people! we are returning customers and will be back again!

Robert H. 6/17/17, 3:36 pm

“We love Mike's sale style. He is sincerely helpful. Thanks

Dana & Arline D. 7/29/17, 7:46 AM

“Great local business, thanks

Will H. 8/8/17, 3:20 pm

“Clearly answered my questions and gave suggestions to extend life of my mattress.

Kathleen K. 12/6/17, 9:54 AM

“Can't wait to sleep on our new bed!

Kelly H. 1/4/18, 12:18 PM

“I can't recommend Leisure mattresses enough. This family-run business excels in customer service and a commitment to make sure you find the right mattress. I have a bad back, and spent years buying mattresses to help me sleep. I finally found it here. There is no pressure to buy. They listened to my concerns and recommended three mattresses. I am sleeping without pain. There prices are competitive, and we were delighted to give our business to a local company. Check them out. You won't regret it!”

Howard M. 5/4/18, 12:40 PM

Always feels just right, making purchases from Leisure Industries because we are treated like family and the sleep sets are perfect!”

Christine F. 5/11/18, 2:18 PM

Always prompt to help, not pushy, listen to needs. Seem to care that we are shopping with you vs a "box" store. You seem to treat us like family. YOU ARE OUR "GO TO" mattress suppliers!”

Phyllis S. 7/11/18, 5:20 PM

Repeat customer. I recommend to everyone and don't really shop around anymore when I need a mattress.”

Mike T. 10/26/18, 1:31 PM

I value locally-owned, family-operated businesses and try to support them in any way I can. I appreciate the friendly service.”

Judy R. 5/19/19, 1:31 AM

“I have NEVER been disappointed! Mike and all the folks at Leisure Industries are great to work with and produce and AMAZING product!

James F. 8/23/19, 12:36 PM

“Very impressed with the service and quality of your products. You didn’t try to sell the most expensive but gave us choices to be as economical as we wanted to be. No high pressure and a hometown atmosphere very impressed. Would highly recommend to our friends. 

Nancy C. 7/13/20, 3:31 PM

“We scheduled an appointment and we were the only ones in the store, so we had plenty of quiet time to try out the mattresses. This store has all sorts of different materials, so we were able to try out a variety of feels like hybrid latex and foam+latex that other stores don't have. The whole shopping experience was great and we didn't feel any pressure to buy. 

Sam B. 11/28/20 12:59 PM

“Thanks for letting us take the time to select the mattress best for us. We will highly recommend you to our family and friends. So happy to support a local business!! 

Kathryn B. 11/24/20 9:16 AM

“Incredible product knowledge and top quality materials. 

John M. 12/10/20, 4:42 PM

“Great service. Thanks Mike for all your attention to Covid protocol we appreciated it. 

Barbara B. 12/11/20 1:10 PM

“Mike was great to work with, knowledgeable, friendly and efficient! Price was great as well! Thank you! 

Dana R. 6/3/22 11:56 AM


LEISURE MATTRESS FACTORY in Boise, Idaho, boasts of more than 100 years in the business crafting and designing mattresses. We offer a wide selection of styles from quality starter sets to high-grade modern bedding sets in an array of sizes and firmness, featuring models like the Infinity Ultra, the Latex Infinity, and the Dream Cloud, among others. We can also build special sizes in ANY of our styles, and we do offer "flippable" mattress sets. With three generations of industry experience and locally owned, our Better Business Bureau™ (BBB)-Accredited company takes pride in our quality and durability, and you will be pleased with our prices. Please come out and visit our factory showroom to try our custom-designed, made-in-the-U.S.A pieces.


Thank you for your interest. For questions or comments, please use the information below. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Our showroom is currently OPEN.  Walk ins welcome or private showroom appointments are available.
Call 208-345-9721 for private showroom experience.

Contact us for information on curbside pickup, OR DELIVERY to your garage or set up in your home for a fee!


Hours of Operation:
Monday - Thursday: 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Friday: 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Saturday: 10:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. 

We are located two stoplights east of Home Depot.

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