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Ergonomically Designed, Adjustable Bed Frames Matched with Various Types of Mattresses

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Maximize your comfort level with our selection of Adjustable / Motion Bed frames and other types of mattresses from LEISURE MATTRESS FACTORY in Boise, Idaho. We also offer home quality truck and RV mattresses, custom sizes, along with other varieties ideal for kid's rooms, guest rooms, and cabins.

Adjustable Beds

Pop in to our factory showroom to see how your life can change when you find the right bed and mattress that suits your needs. We offer fully adjustable sleep systems equipped with Bluetooth technology.  Preset positions: Zero Gravity, Anti-Snore, Lounge, TV, and Flat.  Plus your own programmable positions. Massage your tired muscles as you position yourself for ideal comfort as you do any of the following activities:

• Reading • Working • Watching TV • Enjoying Family Time 

Will work on platform beds!

Any of our mattress styles can be made to work with our Motion Beds so we really can find the right combination to "set your Dreams in Motion"!


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Bed Features
The adjustable beds we offer also come with a back-lit wireless programmable remote device, putting full comfort control in your hands. Includes popular pre-set positions and unlimited positions you can set yourself. Other features include:

• Motion Sleep Systems Available in Twin XL, Full, Full XL, Queen, & Dual King Sizes
• Post-Sale Tech Support
• TV, Lounge, and Zero Gravity Position to Release Tension in Muscles and Joints through Customized Support
• Customizable Foot Position to Reduce Swelling in the Legs
• Customizable Head Position to Decrease Acid Reflux and Snoring
• Undercarriage LED Lights
• Wall and Headboard Flush Design
• Works with Platform Beds

• Back Pain
• Muscle Pain
• Neck Pain
• Poor Blood Circulation
• Edema • Hiatal Hernia

with Blue Tooth Artificial Intelligence Snore Detection - identifies your snores then seamlessly adjusts


Malouf Snore Detection

Patient Therapy

Medical professionals have long advocated sleeping or resting with knees in a slightly bent position to relieve muscle strain and pain. Hence, we offer 20 different mattress styles to help you find just the right fit. Doctors, chiropractors, and physical therapists alike also recommend elevating your head or legs as an adjunct to your therapy for the following ailments:

• Back Pain
• Muscle Pain
• Neck Pain
• Poor Blood Circulation
• Edema
• Hiatal Hernia
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Sleepy Moon


Special sizes and styles for RVs, Trucks, Waterbed Frames and Antique Bed Frames

If you are tired of trying to have a good weekend or vacation while sleeping on that stock RV mattress, visit our showroom today and our mattress specialists can help you. We manufacture home-quality mattress styles outfitted for RVs and truck sleeper sizes too. Now, you need not worry about getting a good nights sleep in your R.V., Camper or motorhome or getting a good night's sleep in your rig.


Shoulder Holder NON-PRESSURE Topper – Indented mattress topper to allow your injured shoulder to rest into your comfort layers without surface pressure.  Come into the showroom for a custom fitting.   Also can be applied to Hips and Knees!


Deluxe Airbnb mattresses for your destination offering - Helps to get great reviews!

Contact us in Boise, Idaho, for our ergonomic Truck, RV and special size mattresses as well as adjustable bed frames for the home.

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