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Cozy Mattress Sleep Designs and Wool Mattress Toppers


Find the perfect combination of support and plush, pressure relief in one of our many mattress sleep designs at LEISURE MATTRESS FACTORY in Boise, Idaho. We have been designing mattresses with you in mind for over a century. We offer everything from basic standard sets and mid-level sets, to our higher end designs.

The Infinity ULTRA

If ever there were two mattress products that could be combined to enhance each other to the point of creating the perfect sleeping surface the "ULTRA" Hybrid Sleep System has them. This incredible pillow pad uses a combination of pressure-free, BREATHABLE Visco Elastic memory foam on top with LEIS-AIR cooling channels followed by supportive Latex Rubber cushioning. This allows you to sink into the SOFT pressure-free Visco while the Latex pushes up from under to give support in all of the right places. At the core is the firm support from our sturdy Maxi Edge, non-motion spring unit with premium perimeter edging. This spring contours to your body while providing support to the hips, back and shoulders. You've never felt a mattress like this before.


ViscoTex Chiro Memory Foam Bed

This unique family of non-motion, BREATHABLE, Visco Elastic memory foam beds offers both non-pressure sleeping benefits for hips and shoulders PLUS LATEX RUBBER support for your lower back, waist, as well as shoulder blades. A Resilient foam base pad adds extra inner support and strength. These perfectly layered hybrid beds really make all the difference.

Dream Cloud Extra-Firm PLUS Flippable Sleep Set

A fixture in our mattress line for many years now, the Dream Cloud Extra-Firm Plus comes with a very firm zoned inner spring support system for total back support, yet it is designed using a Resilient comfort layering topped with BREATHABLE Visco Elastic memory foam on both sides. This popular mattress is for the individual who likes a firm mattress but needs a little relief on the hips and shoulders.

Latex Infinity

Using a pocketed coil, non-motion innerspring unit designed to allow the coils to flex independently from each other, this spring creates more sensitivity to body contours and eliminates motion. The Latex Infinity Hybrid Sleep System is built with the firm support from our sturdy Maxi Edge, non-motion spring unit with perimeter edging that increases your sleeping surface to the very edge. While the spring is contouring to your body it is providing support to the hips, back and shoulders. The plush pillow layering on top is a combination of thick, Resilient foam softening agent layered with a pin-core latex rubber for enhanced airflow.

Posture Form Visco Flippable Set

For the sleeper looking for a good medium firm mattress with the capability to flip it over and use both sides this is the perfect choice. The Posture Form does have a firm inner spring for good back support but, combined with the Heavy density / non-pressure comfort layer, it creates an overall medium firm affect. Just Right!

This is just a highlight of available styles but definitely not our whole selection of sleep designs - Come in and see us!

The Crucial component on a mattress is the comfort layers. This is what is being crushed and taking the most abuse for 6 to 8 hours every night. We could layer in materials which would initially feel good and then crush down to nothing, or we could (and do) use the highest quality, highly resilient layers that actually fight to recover from the crush. And we don't overkill, adding so many layers it looks good on paper but is just asking for trouble in the real world. All mattresses will show wear over time but there's nothing worse than being stuck with huge 2" body imprints on your 1 year old mattress.

"It does matter how it's built!"

Plus many additional styles and firmness's available - Something for everyone! 

Snugfleece™ Pure Wool Covers

Snugfleece™ Pure Wool Covers

Wool is well known for its natural insulating qualities that provide a perfect balance of body temperature and comfort levels in both summer and winter. With that in mind, we offer Snugfleece mattress covers made from the most luxurious wool in the world. This comes with a domestic blend of softer and longer fibers that are naturally flame-resistant and non-allergenic. During the winter, its air pockets allow warm air to circulate through your body, helping you stay warmer as the wool fibers retain your body heat. In the hot, muggy summer, on the other hand, wool allows for dissipating heat and wicking away moisture.

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