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RV Mattresses and Special Sizes

No need to have your weekend spoiled just because of that mattress that came with your RV.  We have several ranges of styles from our basic (still better than the average RV matt) to the Hybrid models for those who snowbird all winter in sunnier climates.

Slumber Cloud 7" Spring Mattress

Comfort Cloud 9" Plush Top Spring Mattress

Posture Form Visco 10" Plush Top Spring Mattress

Dynasty 6" Deluxe Foam Mattress

Super Dynasty 8" Deluxe Soft Foam Mattress

Empire 7" Memory/Gel Foam Mattress

13" Infinity Hybrid Mattress
or 9" version

13" Deep Visco Hybrid Mattress
or 9" version

13" Ultra Hybrid Mattress
or 9" version


We can also do odd sizes for antiques beds, special sized room needs,

or Round Mattresses